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You can add extensions to your EVOX account up to your plan's user limit. If you need to increase your plan as your business grows you can contact sales or To add an extension first login to EVOX account admin. After that: 1. Click the 'Users' tab on the top of the screen 2. Click the green 'Add a user' button 3. Enter the users first and last name and their current business email address 4. Choose whether they're a user (this is the default) or an admin (so they can access this admin page and can manager users too). Both users and admins have full access to the app and get an extension. 5. Choose a unique extension for them on your company line. We recommend a short 1 or 2 digit extension since they're easier to remember. 6. Finally enter their personal mobile number. This is required for authenticating the app to their mobile device. When the user sets up the app for the first time, they'll be asked for their mobile number and will receive a one-time-password via SMS. 7. Click 'Add a user' 8. Email the user and tell them their extension is ready and remind them to download EVOX by D2Nova from the Google Play or iOS app store.