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Emerging from the traditions, reputation, and legacy of the Colorado School of Mines, the pride of an Oredigger appears once again. A redeveloped university where the students live in cloud-shaped dorms as they watch their dreams come true. Academic buildings shaped like tornados representing the whirlwind of a curriculum and the internal struggle of each and every student. A new and improved mines, with Orediggers 2.0 where the educational resources provided by mines are available 24/7. Every student has a CASA tutor if they choose, and meeting one on one with faculty is their main job. In addition to greenery and academic building that can incorporate the outdoors surrounded by glass windows and the glass ceiling, the center of campus is a ‘Q fountain,’ where much like the serenity of clear creek, students have the opportunity to relax on campus and view the amazing optics and gain the mental health benefits associated with water as they ‘question’ and inquirer daily life. In the giant CASA building, there is free parking for all members of the Mines community. The new and improved mines has food surpassing the deliciousness of Mines Market while providing legitimate protein and healthy options for everyone while around campus coffee carts are free to students. Lastly, housing is no longer a problem after freshman year. The dorms are set up like the traditional halls and each student lives in a TLC environment with an open door policy. The dorms have space for all students, and Mines owns four blocks of housing off campus in Golden itself for other students if they chose. While the appearance of the Colorado School of Mines has changed, the university itself values student's voice and is a place where learning begins and inspiration thrives.