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Hey Guys, Many of you know my incremental game **Clicker Knight: Idle Incremental RPG** by now. Well, I just released a huge update that adds a lot of content! I am super excited about it and wanted to share it with you guys because you have supported me since I started creating this game a little over 1.5 years ago. It's just me and my artist creating this game, so updates can take a while haha. So, whats new in this update? **Update \~Temple Event:** * Level Cap to 135! (60 more levels!) * New Event Mode (Temple Survival levels where you can earn premium currency and event points!) * Overcharge Talents When Tree Complete (complete the talent trees to unlock additional areas to add points) * Overcharge Prestige Talents (complete prestige tree to add additional areas to add points) * New Event Talents (6 new unique talents!) * Organize Your Talents (You can choose which talents you want to equip now) * Bow Weapon (a unique unlockable weapon) * New Pets (2 new pets!) * New Event Package (Get extra from Events!) * New Event Potion * Balancing/Optimization/Bug fixes * Qual. of life fixes (added level indicator, faster load times, 5x-10x upgrades and more) * UI scaling for tablets and wider devices For those unfamiliar with the game. Here is the trailer: Trailer: []( Screen 1: []( Screen 2: []( ​ Really hope you guys enjoy the new temple event! Would love any feedback! Visit the Subreddit: []( Visit the Discord: []( ​ **LINK TO THE GAME:** [](