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I have an iPhone X, a MBP, an iMac, and I have an iPad Air 2 thats jailbroken but on 9.3.3 so I can’t update most apps now. I’m pretty much into the Apple ecosystem with Apple Watches, Apple TVs, AirPods, etc, between my wife and I. She refuses to use windows and I have a high end gaming PC, but that’s the extent of my windows use except for school. My problem is that I loooove toys but don’t end up using them. I buy every console and then upgrade every console, but then rarely use them. I am not wealthy by any means, but don’t really have an expensive vices, besides this, so I save up pretty decently. In Canadian, the iPad Pro 12.9 256gb + Pencil + Case + Apple Care+ is something like 2300. Now, I’m not an artist by any means. I don’t really game on the tablet. I would pretty much use this for Media, writing, music, a little photo editing. I travel a bit so it’s better than a MBP but am really conflicted cause it’s a lot of money for something I don’t need. Anyone in the same boat? Are you getting it cause it’s a beautiful toy rather than need?