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So I've seen quite a few folks across reddit mention AT&T's $30 unlimited plan for iPads and tablets that can be started here: []( I've also seen some users mentioning that they're using an iPad IMEI to go through the initial setup process and then simply tossing the activated SIM card into one of AT&T's mobile hotspot devices to use the service. While I'm this may violate terms from AT&T, has anyone here gone through this process? Are there any issues with doing so? I'm thinking about picking up a cellular iPad just long enough to get the IMEI and activate a SIM on this plan, so I can move it over to a hotspot device: [\-t\-velocity\-4g\-lte\-wi\-fi\-no\-contract\-hotspot\-black/4800300.p?skuId=4800300]( Any things I should keep in mind for trying this? Thanks!