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It's looking like the 2018 iPad Pro's will come in 11" and 12.9" options with slimmer bezels. Assuming they're still 4:3 and not a narrower aspect ratio that gives less screen, that's an even bigger screen for the smaller iPad Pro 2 years in a row. You'd think the iPad meant for large screen content consumption would get a screen size bump if they're reducing the bezels drastically. I love the size of my 12.9" and would love a 15" 4:3 iPad Pro. For the 2017 models Apple reduced the bezels on the 10.5" and give it a bigger screen while doing neither for the 12.9". The reviewers gave almost all of the coverage and praise to the smaller model. It's looking to me like Apple is going to drop the larger iPad Pro whenever they decide to refresh the line after 2018. This reminds me of the 17" MacBook pro being killed off. Why do big screens always die. The same thing happened with extra large phones like the Nexus 6, and Xperia Z Ultra. Why can't we just get big screen options. If the smaller model keeps getting bigger eventually people are going to stop caring about the larger model, and Apple will then Calum they have justification for killing off the big screen iPad Pro experience after creating this situation. Is anyone else frustrated by this?