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## What's Our Why? At New Hope, we talk a lot about our mission, which is to make more and better followers of Jesus, and our strategy for doing this - REACH, CONNECT, GROW, and SEND. Those are our WHATs. But the critical question is really, WHY do we do this? WHY do we ramble on and on about it? I know some of you think this! But seriously, WHY does it matter? This Sunday, May 13, the message will be focusing on, "What's our WHY?" When you know your WHY, your WHAT has more impact because you are walking in or toward your purpose. You move from complacency to passion, from boring and irrelevant to exciting and truly significant. Our main Scripture is probably the most power-packed WHY Scripture of all time - John 3:16-17. As we unpack this and other important truths about God's love, our WHY becomes more evident. Subscribe to our Sunday Morning Sermons on [Apple Podcasts](, [Stitcher Radio](, [Google Play]( or [Subscribe on Android]( ### 9:30 a.m. Modern Order of Worship * Praise Songs * “Awake My Soul” * “I Will Follow” * Greet One Another, Jeff Brant * Welcome/Announcements, Josh Gilmore * Morning Prayer/Lord’s Prayer * Offering: “Our Father” * Worship Song: “Revelation Song” * Message, “What’s OUR Why?” Rev. Vicki Harrison, John 3:16-17, 13:34-35 * Special Music: “Multiplied” – solo, Josh Gilmore * Closing Song: “Mighty to Save” * Closing Prayer * Postlude